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Servicing and Repairs

The person who sold you the bike, works on the bike‚ so we ensure you get the right advice from a person who knows. Don’t get mucked around with ’salesmen’‚ all our staff have significant workshop, riding and racing experience to make sure that you get the best service and advice.

At Essendon Cyclery, we understand fully that all bike repairs are unique and thus are able to provide tailored solutions for your bike repairs.

Bronze Service (recommended every 6 months) $89

  • Adjust and align gears/tension gear cables/adjust gear levers
  • Adjust and align brakes/tension brake cables/adjust brake levers
  • Check and adjust front and rear hubs
  • True and tension wheels(in bike) inspect rims
  • Adjust, check and tighten bottom bracket, cranks, pedals
  • Adjust and check headset
  • Minor clean of drivetrain Lube, chain, cluster all pivot points
  • Check and tighten of all parts on the bicycle, stem, bars, saddle, mechs, pedals
  • Supply and fit cable ends as required
  • Test ride

Gold Service(recommended every 2 years) $250

  • Check and inspect frame fork
  • Remove and lube all cables inner and outer
  • Strip/rebuild/regrease headset
  • Strip/rebuild/regrease front and rear hubs
  • Strip/rebuild/regrease bottom bracket
  • Adjust gear levers
  • Adjust and align brakes and rest brake shoes
  • Adjust brake levers/tension brake cables
  • True and tension wheels/inspect rims
  • Check tyres for wear/inflate
  • Check and tighten cranks, pedals
  • Remove/chain/cluster/degrease and lube
  • Check and tighten all parts of the bicycle
  • Test ride/see smile on your face when you ride it

Minor Bike Repairs

  • Gear or Brake adjust $25
  • Wheel truing – $20– $30
  • Spoke and True $28
  • Wheel Builds – $70
  • After crash frame inspection – $40
  • Head/bottom bracket machining – $30
  • Suspension Service (rear) – from $65
  • Suspension Fork Service – $120
  • Headset or fork fitting and adjustment – $30

NOTE: Above prices are subject to change and do not include parts. 

Custom Wheelbuilding

Building wheels is one of Gareth’s favourite tasks, and his skill at this is still a very well-kept secret in Melbourne’s cycling community. If you have a particular combination of hubs, spokes and rims in mind, or even if you don’t, and want to consult with us about wheels for your particular needs, come in for a chat and we can build your ideal wheelset.

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