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Servicing and Repairs The person who sold you the bike, works on the bike‚ so we ensure you get the right advice from a person who knows. Don’t get mucked around with ’salesmen’‚ all our staff have significant workshop, riding and racing experience to make sure that you get the best service and advice. At Essendon Cyclery, we understand fully that all bike repairs are unique and thus are able to provide tailored solutions for your bike repairs. Bronze Service (recommended every 6 months) $89 Adjust and align gears/tension gear cables/adjust gear levers Adjust and align brakes/tension brake cables/adjust brake levers...

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Essendon Cyclery Shop Ride - Cycling Etiquette

Cycling is a strange sport. There are as many unwritten 'rules' as there are written ones. As you get fit, join bunches to train or even enter a race you will find out either politely or not so politely which code of conduct you just broke. Cycling Etiquette boils down to SAFETY, your safety and the safety of the people riding around you. Its not always obvious why one thing is safer or less safe. ▪1. Respect the direction and advice of senior riders. While it might difficult to hear wise and sometimes blunt advice, the one yelling at you...

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